GE Centricity

Catching Up At C-Live

GE Healthcare’s annual C-Live conference is always an excellent opportunity to catch up with our clients and colleagues, but most importantly it’s the time to find out what’s new with GE.  This year did not disappoint.  GE has shown that they are continuing to invest in their tried and true Centricity Business suite of products.  Their newest 6.1 version is packed with critical enhancement to improve patient access and revenue cycle workflows from Anesthesia billing enhancements to simple tools to improve the everyday tasks like dictionary exports.  GE continues to roll out new ETM workflows for all their modules from HPA to SIU interface edit lists.

Perhaps the most exciting part of the conference was watching some of our client partners present on how they have made the most of their existing GE systems.  Our clients are seeing some very impressive results, including:

  • Charge capture and TES optimization resulting in a $3M annual increase in cash collections
  • FSC Consolidation including an 80% reduction in the number of FSCs
  • Visit Type Consolidation & Standardization driving a 25% increase in appointment availability
  • GECB deployment to newly acquired medical groups covering 1,600 providers in 14 months
  • ETM Optimization resulting in a 2% reduction in A/R


Culbert looks forward to working with our clients as they implement this new version and tools into their processes.  We hope to see everyone at C-Live 2018 in Las Vegas!