October, 2012:

Optimizing Patient Access and Billing Using Allscripts PM

Based on our experience, there are commonly 5 key opportunities for optimizing your practice’s use of Allscripts PM which will not only improve financial performance, but will also enhance the patient experience. These include:

  1. Performance Reporting
  • Define key performance measures that can be tracked using standard set of statistical and operational reports, as well as automated work queues set-up in Office Manager
  • Review file maintenance that affects reporting (e.g., division/department structure and security, insurance categories/carriers, reimbursement categories/comments, transaction codes) and advise how to set-up to satisfy reporting requirements
  • Conduct training sessions for managers, including customized training guides
  1. Scheduling Templates
  • Review scheduling file maintenance with practice managers to assess set-up and advise how to customize templates to improve staff efficiency and ease of use
  • Analyze scheduling reports to track utilization and identify missing charges, including development of policy/procedures to standardize accountability and communication
  1. Pending & Unpaid Claims Follow Up
  • Review Office Manager set-up with executive and billing managers and organize work queues/groups based on staff assignments (e.g., insurance, validation errors, reimbursement comments, timely filing deadlines) and priorities using Workflow Organization functionality
  • Conduct training sessions with managers and staff to use Office Manager optimally, including follow-up on certain billing issues by practice staff
  1. Collections Module
  • Review collections file maintenance and policy/procedures with executive and billing managers and set-up to enable systematic follow-up on delinquent accounts and budget payment plans
  • Conduct training sessions with billing managers and staff, including customized training guide
  1. General Assessment of System Set-up, Workflows, and Training
  • Review all file maintenance and performance reports to identify improvement opportunities , as well as through collaborative discussions with key managers
  • Assess core set of work flows through observation and interviews with billing and practice staff
  • Advise on priorities to develop standardized policy/procedures and training documentation