May, 2013:

Meaningful Use Stage 2 -10 Steps

Our client looked for a high level breakdown for Meaningful Use-Stage 2:

  • Review Stage 1 for Successes and opportunities for growth
  • Review Stage 2 measure changes
  • Review and understand Stage 2 requirement changes (period changes, required measures to report on changes)
  • Ensure your system is on the appropriate code level to report on Stage 2, this may require a system upgrade
  • Conduct a workflow analysis for Stage 2 to ensure all needed information is being captured by the EMR
  • Implement necessary workflow changes that were needed for Stage 2.  Doing this ahead of time will increase the level of successful reporting. 
  • Complete application build, change existing measures, and complete build for new measures
  • Complete reporting build, change reporting for existing measures, update dashboards, and complete the build for the new measures
  • Conduct testing with a production copy environment
  • Complete build in production environment and begin reporting


Utilizing Epic’s Overdue Results Routing Functionality as a Quality Assurance Tool


Epic has functionality called overdue results which is a great way to ensure lab orders are followed by results.  This functionality once configured will send an inbasket message after a period of time alerting the intended recipients that lab results have not yet come back for a lab order.  This will allow staff to follow up with the lab to see if the test was done and perhaps the results were never sent back.  The staff can follow up with the patient if the test was never done to see why the patient chose not to have the test completed.  This is just one of many tools that an EMR has that can assist clinicians with their day to day activities.