Epic Provider Efficiency Profile (PEP)


As hundreds of organizations return home from a week of Wizardry in Verona, Wisconsin, they bring back new memories, new connections, lists of new features to explore, and a high for the potential of the newly named ‘CHR’ (Comprehensive Medical Record).

In the clinical space, conversations were abuzz around provider satisfaction, efficiency and CHR usability.  The topic was perhaps spurred by Carl Dvorak referencing supposed negative news media about provider adoption and happiness, though tempered by the notion that Epic users are among the happiest.  That said, everyone agreed there is a long road ahead.

The provider efficiency profile was highlighted as a ‘spell’ in the land of Epic wizards to help organizations develop keener insights into their clinical community.  The PEP as it’s called, provides clinician-level data about workload, system usage, specific number of tools adapted, amount of time in certain activities, time spent during specific hours of the day, and much more.  The efficiency can be determined looking in comparison to others, as well as in comparison to specific workflows (example: disposition in the ED).

The PEP must be turned on by the build team, though it can be focused on the providers or clinics you choose.  In one case study, Culbert found identifying opportunities at 5 clinics to improve specific smart tools, improve in basket training and share high efficiency provider notes with others reduced the average time after work completing and closing encounters by 30 minutes per day.  The PEP is a powerful tool for just after go-live and to continue to monitor throughout optimization cycles.


Jaffer Traish- VP Consulting-Culbert Healthcare Solutions





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