Empowering Patients-

One of the many advantages of increasing the use of your patient portal is to empower your patients. When patients feel a part of their care and feel connected to their health care provider they are more likely to be compliant in their treatment plans.

Organizations have implemented a patient portal to serve the purpose of meeting the meaningful use requirement, without implementing all functionality due to time and resource constraints. By doing so there is real value left unrealized.

Director Of Consulting Services

Director Of Consulting Services

Value Missed

There are several areas in which the value of a patient portal could be missed:


  • Increased patient ownership of their healthcare, allowing them the ability to manage their care and data, as well as validate chart information
  • Functionality to expand patient access (online appointment scheduling) and to improve self-pay collections
  • Ability to send communication between patient and provider
  • Publish lab and radiology results
  • Online Rx refill requests improves patient satisfaction and internal resource utilization

Case Study: Real & Soft ROI

  • When we empower our patients with information and access to their health information everyone wins!
  • An additional benefit from this project was an increase in communication between the patient and provider through standard portal functionality. This functionality is now being expanded to enable eVisits and Nurse Triage.
  • Culbert completed a project in June 2015 where a billing interface was developed allowing 28,700 portal patients to post credit card payments to open invoices in a real time manner via the patient portal. Within the first month of go-live, $81,000 payments had been posted via the portal.

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