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How to Effectively Leverage IT to Drive Physician Alignment

A particular strength of Culbert is helping integrated delivery networks, hospitals and academic medical centers develop and execute programs for strengthening their relationship with the independent physician practices which service their communities.  Developing programs such as Epic’s Community Connect provides many opportunities to improve physician-hospital alignment, which also enables these independent practices to capitalize on the financial incentives provided by the HITECH Act.  

An effective program to extend EHR/PM applications to community physicians must include:  

  • Development of the application offering to be provided to affiliated practices,
  • Establishment of governance structure for supporting these practices from an application, operations and revenue cycle perspective,
  • MSO development and service offering,
  • Development of marketing plan and collateral,
  • Capital budgeting,
  • Review of legal, medical affairs and compliance implications, development of policies and procedures, and
  • Structure and requirements of the subsidization strategy,

A central concern to all of our clients has been to ensure that community physician programs do not dilute the services rendered to their employed physician base. As such, Culbert recommends building, implementing and supporting your community physician program utilizing a dedicated team as opposed to sharing implementation and support responsibilities across a single team.