Epic Assessments

Many organizations implement Epic quickly, taking recommendations to go-live with the Foundation and improve after gaining experience. Our Epic Assessments team is ready to help your teams take your design to the next level. We offer one to 6 week assessments focused on highlighting clinical and financial functional and operational opportunities for improvement. We complete deep dive technical, functional and workflow reviews leveraging our experience working with more than 80 Epic organizations including IDNs, Academics and non-profits. We’re time and budget conscious to provide your teams with the direction and workplans they need to succeed.
Common Findings
With the clinical applications, we evaluate documentation, ICD-10 readiness, clinical content, phases of care, upgrade scope and much more. Common findings include challenges with accurate patient acuity, reporting availability, underused content and missing scheduling and MyChart functionality. We focus this practice on tailoring the short-term assessment to your areas of need while supporting your ongoing needs remotely or onsite.

With revenue cycle applications, we evaluate workqueues, the charge router, SBO design, claims management, coding accuracy, and much more. Common findings include absent algorithms to strengthen workqueue management, lacking automation in the router, insufficient radar dashboards and transparency needs to support operations.

We also evaluate governance, operations structures and change control to support your overall program strength.
Sample Engagement Approaches and Timelines
Clinical Assessment
  • 3 week clinical content build and utilization assessment, including report and presentation of findings across all specialties (IP and AMB)
  • Optional 2 month PM support to guide your application teams through the optimization program
  • Optional 2-4 month staffing of application experts to work side-by-side during optimization
Recent Engagement
Large Children’s Hospital
In 2015, we worked closely with a large children’s hospital to assess clinical documentation, ICD-10 readiness and coding accuracy across 40 specialties and subspecialties. We identified over 2000 changes to content records in 3 weeks to drive and support overall patient acuity, coding accuracy and physician documentation. We demonstrated ROI across several specialties of more than 1.2M/year.

Large Academic
In 2015, we worked closely with an organization to improve their overall provider, scheduling and resource management. With a 4 week SER and Cadence assessment, we reduced scheduling conflicts, interface complexity, duplicate resources and ordering issues. Our visit type and template clean up allowed the organization to complete their upgrades timely and with improved focus on patient satisfaction.
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