Q & A With Rob Culbert

Q: To what do you attribute to Culbert's continued growth and success?
A passion for helping our clients succeed. Our industry is under an enormous amount of pressure to change and keep up with an overwhelming amount of government mandated changes. If we can help ease that pressure for our clients by taking on projects, providing expert advice and being a trusted resource that you can count on, we will have helped our clients in so many good ways and ultimately their patients will benefit from that success.
Q: How do you feel Culbert differentiates itself in the healthcare industry?
We remain singularly focused on taking great care of our clients and our employees. We have expanded our service lines to help clients in many new ways while also providing employees opportunities to grow their careers and widen their skillsets. Our track record for doing the right thing and even when we make a mistake, how we correct it, has been a critical factor in our ongoing success.
Q: What information about the company would you like a perspective employee to know?
We are privately held entrepreneurial company striving to lead our clients through very challenging times. In order to stand out we have had to earn our clients trust one project at a time.
Q: What types of growth opportunities does Culbert provide to its employees?
Each year we have created additional opportunities for our employees to enhance their careers. For some it has been moving into consulting management, gaining certifications in additional applications or experience working with new vendors. For some it has been moving from training roles to serving as implementation specialists or senior analysts moving into project leadership roles. We have many employees that play active roles with some of the trade associations in our industry like AMGA, HFMA, HIMSS and MGMA. The opportunities continue to grow as we serve our clients and do great work.
Q: What are the goals for the company over the next 3-5 years?
Over the next 3 – 5 years we hope to continue to expand our core service offerings and stay at the forefront of helping our clients through the challenges of converting to ICD-10, Meaningful Use, ACO and challenges still to come. We hope to be an outstanding resource to hospitals and physicians who will be working closely together to ensure quality outcomes and stay viable in a very competitive market. Our clients will also have a great interest in mining the incredible wealth of patient data that they now collect and will be invaluable in improving patient care and staying financially strong.