"My experience at Culbert Healthcare Solutions has been one of a kind. From the hiring process to company training to client engagements, I could not have asked for a better leadership and support team. I have been given opportunities at Culbert that would not have been offered to me anywhere else. Every engagement that I have been a part of has been new and exciting. Not only are my colleagues passionate about their work but they also go above and beyond to share their acquired knowledge with others in the company. Culbert has given me the tools and confidence to take my career to the next level while still enjoying and maintaining a fun and balanced lifestyle!".
Amy J.
"Right from my initial conversation, Culbert employees shared their personal experiences with me. I thought to myself, they really love what they do and the company they work for. They immediately put me at ease, and I almost felt like we had already developed a working relationship in the past even though we had never met.
Culbert is built with energetic knowledgeable team members with a mission to do great things. Management has been instrumental in communicating positive and engaging aspirations relating to the executive leadership goals. Prior to starting I read as much as I could about Culbert, their values appear to be in line with my personal values. Very impressive!"
Evelyn B.
"Culbert made feel like an integral part of the team. You can start making a difference right from the beginning"
Deb K.
"I have been working in Healthcare for the last 15+ years. Over the past 4 years I have been working as a consultant. Many times as a consultant you feel like you are always on the outside. You are there to complete a job and then move on. My experience working at Culbert changed that perspective for me. At Culbert I became part of a family and it is evident that family comes first. During my first weeks I was assigned a mentor, and she still checks in with me at least weekly. The mentor program makes you feel right away a part of this family of people who care about you and your successes. I am proud to be a part of the Culbert family."
Renea F.
"Culbert Healthcare Solutions acknowledges consultants as family, not as employees only. Whether you are on a site by yourself or working with a Culbert team, there is always help and support with a phone call or email away. Culbert encourages their consultants to grow and develop professionally. Culbert strives to ensure not only are you the right consultant for the client's needs, but also that the client will be the right choice for the consultant's needs. I have not only established professional relationships at Culbert Healthcare Solutions, but strong friendships as well."
Kamet S.
"After working with Culbert on a contract basis, I chose to come on full time because I knew doing so offered me a great deal of professional support and education, the opportunity to identify and work toward my strengths, a collaborative and open group of colleagues, and great management without any micromanagement. I've enjoyed both the work and the people a great deal, and look forward to what's to come!"
Seth M.
"My experience with Culbert Healthcare Solutions has been excellent. I spent a long time searching for a company that would be the right fit for me. I found it at Culbert. The consultants are very friendly and always open to helping each other out on projects as well as sharing knowledge. Leadership is very flexible and communicates well. I have been able to work on several different projects all of which allowed me to learn and grow. I have been given great opportunities to grow my career including an opportunity to branch into management. I enjoy the company culture at Culbert where client satisfaction and employee satisfaction are key factors to the success of the firm. "
Jason D.