“My experience at Culbert Healthcare Solutions has been one of a kind. From the hiring process to company to client engagements, I could not have asked for a better leadership and support team. I have been given opportunities at Culbert that would not have been offered to me anywhere else. Every engagement that I have been a part of has been new and exciting. Not only are my colleagues passionate about their work but they also go above and beyond to share their acquired knowledge with others in the company. Culbert has given me the tools and confidence to take my career to the next level while still enjoying and maintaining a fun and balanced lifestyle!”.
– Amy Jennings, Regional Account Manager, Sales Team

“I knew from the start when I joined Culbert Healthcare Solutions, 5 years ago, that Culbert was in a class by itself. I had been interviewing with several other consulting firms and received several offers on the spot… Culbert, however, did its due diligence and hired me after several rounds of interviews. That speaks volumes. And the culture has not changed as Culbert continues to grow today – still developing top notch quality consultants with a wide variety of knowledge and skills sets. In addition, not only are you a part of great team, the employee benefits are outstanding. I have also been honored to have made the last 4 President’s Trips which is quite a celebration.”
– Paulette DiCesare, Consultant III, GE/Allscripts Team

“Working for Culbert Healthcare Solutions is rewarding in many ways. I love utilizing what I’ve learned to solve problems and help others. My work at Culbert allows me to do both and, at the same time, I continue to learn new things every day! I love the challenge of working on a wide variety of projects, and I love working with so many different healthcare organizations all across this great country. But the thing I love most about working at Culbert is our people. We work together as a team to make sure we deliver high-quality services to our clients. And, even when things get tough, I know that someone from my Culbert family will always “have my back”.
– Alan Worsham, Vice President of Consulting Services

“I was attracted to Culbert because of the size of the company and being able to work with all levels of Executive Management and Staff. One of my favorite parts of my job is bringing consultants through the interview process, being able to hire them into the organization, and then getting to meet in person for the first time at the yearly company meeting. Hugs are almost always guaranteed on both sides. The family oriented atmosphere and culture is second to none.”
– Tim Bagg, Recruiter

“The ‘Culbert Difference’ allows me to help clinicians, clinical operations and IT professionals succeed within complex healthcare implementations that directly improve patient safety and outcomes. I enjoy utilizing industry standards, navigating politics and educating teams on PMO & best practices. I am also able to focus on my client needs while Culbert expertly handles all of the business details regarding client contract management.”
– Joanne Durant-Waites, Consultant

I was attracted to and enjoy consulting because I like working on different projects and in different environments. I love meeting new people and exploring new places. Culbert has provided me with a very broad range of types of engagements and many of my engagements have turned into long term projects which has also been a great experience.

Even with the continued growth of Culbert over the past several years, Culbert has continued to maintain a special personal connection to consultants. The Culbert Management team has always felt like my extended family!
– Frieda L Hunter, Consultant